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Anonymous request. normally don’t do this kind of art but it’s late. i’ve been drinking SO WHAT THE HECK


Anonymous request. normally don’t do this kind of art but it’s late. i’ve been drinking SO WHAT THE HECK

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Do It
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Tuxedo - Do It 

So I know I haven’t updated my playlist in forever so I just wanted to share with you all one of my favorite songs right now. I really really love the jazz/groove feeling to this song. Enjoy. 

    Oh, I got a new one for you

    I like the way that sounds—

    I’m about it do it for you,

                                             I like to break it down.

    This joint has got me up and—

                                         Oh, that’s my favorite song!

     I put my thang in motion—


  I do it all night long.


  He wasn’t proud of this the more he thought about it, but he wasn’t about to turn down this kind of dare because of fear.. Wait——— What?! Holy shit was this actually working? He couldn’t believe it as he made his way up to her. He’s so dead… 


 ”O-Oh, I’ve been sick.. Messing up my nose.. How’re you, Chie?” 

"What are you doing out here, then? You should be at home, sleeping! How else are you going to get better? Pure will power. Now that I think about it…" Pouting in thought, Chie pulled out a tube of gloss and began applying it— dabbing it slowly, yet mindlessly across her lips. "I can’t really talk. I mean, when I’m sick I’m out and about the entire time. A little cold isn’t going to stop me! And I doubt it would stop you, either."


"I hope you get better soon, though. It’s weird hearing your voice all high pitched and whiny like this, like there’s two Yosukes!" In all honestly, she doesn’t mean that sort of stuff seriously. Yosuke is one of her best friends, she just likes to pick on him, even when he ‘isn’t around’. Though, she acknowledges that this might hurt his feeling of he heard about it—so she’s been trying to stop. Trying.

Still oblivious to secret agent Hanamura, she did her best to hide her laughter as she continued. “Oh, I’m fine. Just grocery shopping. I’ve been looking up recipes online, and I think I found one I can pull off, I mean it sounds easy enough. It’s just beef and dumplings.”

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Double The Chie-?- @pintsizedcarnivore


"Mmh…Chie I thought you were at work?"



"Uhm… Saki-Senpai, w—what are you talking about? I don’t have a job, not yet at least.”


Yeah, yeah, laugh at me gettin’ all gross and sick ‘cos I can’t find the motivation to go buy a new jacket. Snifffffff.

Urgh, got any tissues?

Oh, yeah. I got some right here. Digs through her pockets and tosses a package of tissues over.

Look, I am sorry you got sick, even though it was kind of your fault. Colds suck. 

dxubleblade asked: Slides up disguised as Yu "Hi."

Dropping a handful of boxes into her basket, Chie turned to see what was — apparently— their foolish leader sneaking up on her. “Oh, hey Narukami!” It seems that his disguise was working, as Chie didn’t suspect anything. Though, one thing did seem off…


"Wait— what’s up with your voice? It seems… Different.”


Chie Satonaka - Persona 4: Dancing All Night { x }


IM JUST SO„ HHhH over Chie right now


IM JUST SO„ HHhH over Chie right now


   ”The fact that it was you…”


      “I’m blind…”

W—What is that supposed to mean?!

To Chie, this felt like an attack on the horrible body image she is already struggling with. Time seemed to have stopped while Yosuke’s comments rang in her head, gnawing away at her sensitive nerve. In those moments, she stayed silent. She couldn’t take it. Despite being used to his rude, douchy comments, this specific one broke her. Her eyes lining up with tears, Chie drew her hand back and slapped him across the face.

"You— you asshole!”


He was quietly waiting for the joke to come in, so he slid in one of his own.


He gave a joking gasp.

"You like high school girls too?"

"…Yes.” She smirked, amused that she hit the nail on the head regarding her sexuality. Despite this, her air continued to grow more menacing.


"And guns."


Chie’s sexuality currently fluctuates between homosexual and bisexual.